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Услуги гида в Братиславе


Little Rome in Nitra

Excursions for 1-4 pers. independently from quantities participants.
120.00 per group / 4 hours / Children are not allowed

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Car excursion from Bratislava to Nitra, a walk along the Cathedral Hill with a tour of the Peter and Paul Church, monuments and statues, the Bishop’s Palace and a visit to the Nitra Cathedral and the Basilica of St. Emeram with the relics of St. Cyril.

What awaits you

Medieval Catholic Church of Incredible Beauty
In the 9th century, the Great Moravian Prince Sviatopluk created the great Nitrian principality, whose lands extended over long distances and included the territories of present-day Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, partially Romania, western Ukraine, Poland, Austria and Germany. He ordered to create diocese, which would be the fief of the Pope. At this place arose city which surrounded the diocese and was called Nitra.
The proposed tour is not replete with objects, dates and names, but you can see the beautiful Nitryansky Cathedral and the Episcopal Palace (ext.) And a lot of sights of the Middle Ages.

Monuments of princes and blacksmiths
Various works of sculptors which contain centuries and legends

Small autotravel
In which you will pass through several small towns of Slovakia and can see the views of Slovakia.

The price of the excursion does not include an entrance ticket to the territory of the cathedral – 4 €.