Excursions around Bratislava and not only

Услуги гида в Братиславе


Ghosts of the Middle Ages +16

Excursions for 1-10 pers. independently from quantities participants.
70.00 per group / 2 hours / Children with parents

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Mystical Bratislava with its stories and ancient legends …

Bratislava, like any self-respecting ancient city, has countless stories and legends. We will go to the old part of the city, where you will see stories of dragons and alchemists, witches and inquisitors before your eyes. You will walk along the streets, gateways of castles, courtyards and squares, seeing devils and angels, as well as the most unknown creatures. Decide what is told and seen is true, and what a fairy tale – to you …

What awaits you

Medieval legends

We all know the only Russian dragon Snake Gorynych, but in Bratislava dragons appeared constantly, and not all of them had the appearance of a lizard. For example, I will tell you about the giant wolf Toportyan, who lived downstream of the Danube and, according to chronicles, carried destruction to local hunters. We’ll talk about the terrible legends that border on reality: these are stories about medieval witch hunts, tales of wizards and alchemists. You will find out how centuries ago the butchers, the Inquisition fought against the evil. And even the inhabitants of one village, which the bloodthirsty dragon simply drunked.

The mystical corners of the city

If you are brave enough, let’s take a walk through the most mysterious and alluring bridges of Bratislava! You will see the house of Paracelsus, which revived the rose from the ashes and disappeared before the eyes of the whole city, you will find out where the black lady who is killing with a touch wanders, and what the White Fairy built in one night. We will pass by statues, nodding to those who have a hero in their souls, and we will see stone knights who turn to innocent virgins, if they are fond of fate …

To whom this excursion is suitable

Travelers over 16 years old who like to get acquainted with the city through his stories and legends.

  • We recommend you to choose the time for the excursion after sunset, because then the night city has a special charm, and all evil spirits leave their shelters.
  • Children under the age of 16 are allowed on a tour only with the consent of their parents.


Вы сможете написать отзыв только об экскурсии на которой побывали.

  1. Игорь Friday February 16th, 2018

    Экскурсия с Алексом пролетела незаметно несмотря на нелучшую погоду, узнал много интересных фактов,которые не прочитаешь в книгах, экскурсия заинтересует как начинающего,так и опытного путешественника, кроме того можно пообщаться как с местным жителем и коллегой,что для меня важно,большое спасибо, при случае закажу еще другую экскурсию

  2. Наталья Saturday January 6th, 2018

    Очень интересно и необычно, спасибо Алексу! Вечерняя Братислава полна сюрпризов, которые мы открывали вместе с нашим гидом!

  3. Ульяна Tuesday September 5th, 2017

    Получили огромное удовольствие от общения с Алексом и море впечатлений от экскурсии. Рекомендую взрослым и детям!